Thursday, August 20, 2020

Boating on the Thames

You know, it occurred to me that even though I have 3 websites where anyone can go and view my art. You all may not be aware of the stories behind some of my art. You're all probably familiar with my teddys, but how much do you know about my other art? So, I'm going to rectify that. I'll post a painting a week with the story behind the piece. Hopefully, you'll get more insight into my art and to me as an artist. Here's the first piece. This piece is called "Boating on the Thames" (3 Black Swans). When I was working in England, for the first 3 months I lived in a mechanics cottage on the estate of some English Lord in a little town called "Bourne End". Parts of it looked like something right out of a Harry Potter film. Anyway, when I wasn't working (doing computer graphics), I had the time to take a little dingy that was moored to a little wharf near my cottage and row from this little tributary out onto the Thames River. This painting is a photograph of a scene I saw while rowing on the Thames. Now you may say to yourself, while there are some mountains and hilly areas in England, there certainly aren't any near the Thames This is true but an artist does have an artist license to improve a scene and make it more interesting. It's painted in acrylic and is 24 X 30.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Video from Intersections Exhibit

A link to the video that was taken at the Korean Cultural Center for the exhibit "Intersections". Out of 200 artist submitting 500 entries, they chose 44 pieces from 23 artists. I had two pieces in the exhibit. See if you can find my teddys.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Just wanted to share with you all, some of the activities at NudeArt L.A., opening Sept. 8th:

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Been very active for the past few months. Wish I could afford a P.A. I had an exhibit reception Friday night, I had one last night, I drop off a painting on Mon. for a reception the following Sun. and I drop off 2 paintings for a reception at the Korean Cultural Center for a reception the following week and I'll have several pieces in the Nude Art L.A. exhibit coming up in Sept. plus I'm making a few t-shirt sales on my Merch by Amazon site and I'll soon have a Google business listing. Plus attending a few business workshops/seminars and making some connections to promote my teddys. I'm tired just reading all the stuff I've been doing lately. Oh yeah, and I teach art lessons 3 days a week in Pasadena. Whew!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Been a while since I've posted and this post has nothing to do with my teddys. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share this story.Funny story but a little background first. I purchase a vitamin pak called Animal Pak from Universal Nutrition. At one time, they ran a promotion. which included a yellow t-shirt with the word Animal printed on the front, free with one's order. Now, that being said, i wore the shirt to my Physical Therapy office today. Did my routine and then as I was leaving, an elderly woman in her mid-70's, walking with a cane, had just entered the therapy area. She stared at my shirt and said," Ahn-ni-mal, Oh! Animal, Well, look at you, And then in a sort of sexy voice, said, "Yes, you are". and then she giggled to herself. We both started laughing. Made my day.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hello Everyone, This is a very, very last minutes invitation. I found out about this show a couple of days ago. They liked what I submitted, so I have two of my digital pieces in the show. If you happen to be out Alhambra Way, stop by for a visit. It's also a fundraiser for a charitable cause. Best, Preston

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July is turning out to be a busy month in a line of successive months. I attended the LIMA Expo in Las Vegas to get some exposure for my Twisted Teddys and to make some connection. Wow! it was a lot of information; a bit overwhelming at times but I met some great people and feel that I made some good contacts.Spending lots of time promoting, promoting and promoting. For my art other than my teddys, I have 4 pieces in a small gallery in the SFV Museum. The reception was held yesterday 07/16/16. It was fairly well attended, was good fun and made a couple of great contacts. The food was great as well. I will be dropping off 4 pieces on 07/26/16 for another show in Hawthorne at The Gallery in Hawthorne. It's a portrait show so it should be a great exhibit. In addition, I have two other gallery spaces that have expressed an interest in hosting a couple of my pieces. I'm just waiting to hear if they decided to select my work for the shows. Busy, busy, busy. On top of all of this, I'm working on carving out some time to work on my novel and do some freelance illustration work. I also teach one day a week in Pasadena at an arty prep academy for elementary aged to high school kids. More to come. Stay tuned.